Gems Unearthed born from the culmination of the love of gemstones and the passion to unlock the hidden beauty in each stone.
Our gemstones are all ethically sourced direct from the mines where we know the origins and history.
For a magnificent piece of our earths creation to be unveiled and brought to You Our valued Customer, there is a pipeline of events that takes place.Once sourced I personally hand select the best pieces and have them Facetted by our cutters who in their own right are as passionate as I am to unlock the hidden beauty captured inside each gemstone.


Before being placed on this website our gemstones are sent to South Africa’s leading Gemstone Laboratory -guaranteeing each and every piece we have in store.
Our gems choose us , long before we choose them and we like to believe that quality is a commodity that we offer in abundance. Like we fell in love with each piece we offer you, we wait for your love affair to start as you browse through our pages.
“Gems Unearthed” will release within you the power to love what our earth hides beneath her surface. Often the beauty will astonish you and often you will be left in disbelief – but you need not be because these beauties are what we choose to offer you .

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Gemstone and jewelry buyers from both trade and private from anywhere around the world are welcome.
Shipping and full guarantees as well as insurance are available with every purchase.
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