Birthstones are a fascinating aspect of the gem and jewelry world, and are derived from early beliefs regarding the one’s time of birth and its relationship to the planets. Wearing a certain stone as protection against illness and misfortune, or another gem for good luck, eventually developed into the birthstone systems of today.

  • January ·


Garnet is the birthstone of January. Folktale states that Garnets illuminate the night and safeguard their keepers from frightening dreams.…
  • February ·


Amethyst is the birthstone of February. The early civilization of Greek and Rome believed that the Amethyst has the power…
  • March ·


There are two stones associated with the month of March – Aquamarine, and Bloodstone. Although both stones differ in appearance,…
  • April ·


The diamond is the king of the stones, and a real precious stone. Diamonds are the symbol of beauty and…
  • May ·


Emerald is just the perfect birthstone for those born in the month of May as it falls in the heart…
  • June ·

Pearl / Alexandrite

The freshwater pearl gets formed in the freshwater mussel which live in lakes, rivers and other freshwater areas. Freshwater pearls…
  • July ·


There’s no better way to demonstrate your love than by giving a ruby in celebration of a July birthday. Rubies…
  • August ·


The peridot was one of the favourite gemstones of Cleopatra, besides the green emerald. The peridot would slow down the…
  • September ·


The birthstone for people born in September and the gemstone related to Ruby. Sapphire and Ruby, both are corundum minerals.…
  • October ·

Opal / Tourmaline

The month of October has two birthstones; The Tourmaline and the Opal. Tourmaline has become a preferred gemstone for several…
  • November ·

Citrine / Topaz

Citrine A rare gemstone, yellow coloured variation of quartz, which thanks its colour to enclosed iron and aluminium. The name…
  • December ·


Discovered in the late 1960s in Tanzania, and found exclusively in this tiny area of the world, tanzanite exhibits a…

Images courtesy of American Gem Society