Opal / Tourmaline

The month of October has two birthstones; The Tourmaline and the Opal. Tourmaline has become a preferred gemstone for several people because it has a range of gorgeous colors. On the other hand, opal gemstones are absolutely distinctive because every gem is embellished with a unique color blend.


Tourmaline comes in a range of colors and color blends which is exactly what its name implies “stone of mixed colors”. With a spectrum of colors, Tourmaline could be the best choice to enhance your collection of jewelry. You can find cranberry red, bubblegum pink, hot magenta, yellow, peach, orange, and more surprisingly great colors and color combinations.
The tourmaline gemstone is reputed for showing a number of colors in a single gemstone. It could be bi-color or tri-color in varying combinations and it could be truly expensive too. Among the multi-color selection is the Watermelon Tourmaline. It includes white, green, and pink color blends. When the gemstone is cut into thin slices, it shows a beautiful pink center, white ring, and a green edge that resembles a watermelon.


The opal is a fascinating semi-precious stone. Some opals contain colours as colourful as rainbows; other opals draw attation because of their deep and lively colors. Many people believed that the stone would give one beauty, success and luck. The Greeks believed that the opal could predict the future and for the Romans the opal symbolized hope and purity. In Southern Australia people thought that the creator of their forefathers rode on a giant rainbow to earth and turned all stones he touched into opals.

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