4.41ct Amethyst - Oval
4.41ct Amethyst - Oval
4.41ct Amethyst - Oval

4.41ct Natural Amethyst – Oval


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Size (mm)

12.48 x 10.44 x 6.12mm



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Main Colour Purple to Lavender
Appearance Amethyst are usually transparent, pointed crystals. They come in geodes, clusters and single points. They also come in various shapes and sizes.
Rarity One of the most common crystals.
Source Mainly in United States, Mexico, Britain, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, East Africa, Siberia and India.
Esoteric Attributes Amethysts are considered  as an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration.


Amethyst is one of the most spiritual stones, encouraging love of the divine, giving great perception into its true nature, and supporting selflessness and spiritual wisdom.

Healing Properties Amethyst encourages the production of hormones, and is able to adjusts the endocrine system and metabolism when necessary.


Amethyst is an exceptional blood cleanser, eases  emotional and psychological pain or stress. It is able to alleviate headaches and tension.


It is beneficial for the intestines, able to control flora, helpful to remove parasites, and supporting reabsorption of water. Amethyst treats insomnia and brings peaceful sleep.


Amethyst cleans the aura and converts negative energy, and stimulates the throat and crown chakras.


It’s helpful for those making the passage through death.

Placement Position Place the amethyst point in towards you to draw in energy, and away from you to draw off energy. Amethyst is beneficial worn over the throat or heart.
History of Amethyst According to Greek mythology, Amethyst was a young virgin who befell the object of wrath of the Greek God Dionysus after becoming inebriated from red wine. The goblet from which he was drinking was knocked over, and the red wine spilled all over the white rock, drenching it until it became the purple quartz that is now known as Amethyst.


Most Famous Amethyst The most famous Amethyst is the Empress of Uruguay. This is the largest Amethyst Geode currently known. It stands an unbelievable 3.27 meters tall, and weighs 2.5 tonne! It is estimated that the geode was formed 130 million years ago.


Famous Amethyst Jewellery The Amethyst demi-parure which originally belonged to Queen Victoria’s mother, the Duchess of Kent is believed to be one of the oldest sets of jewels in the Windsor collection.


The Queen rarely wears the complete set, but she does occasionally wear one of the broches.