The birthstone for people born in September and the gemstone related to Ruby. Sapphire and Ruby, both are corundum minerals. The only difference is that Ruby is red corundum and other colors of corundum are Sapphire. It has a trigonal crystal-like structure and composed of aluminum oxide. Typically the stone color comes in blue but can also be in different colors such as colorless, gray, pale pink, yellow, green, violet, orange and brown.

Its name, Sapphire had been derived from 3 languages; French (saphir), Latin (sapphirs) and Greek (sappherios). All of these words from different languages have the same meaning which is blue stone.
If you are a person afraid of mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional attacks, sapphire is the best gemstone for you as it contains protective crystals that can be an advantage for you. Sapphire had been said to prevent the owner from keeping secrets and thus it allows others to see your true personality or character. The gem can see through the mask a person is wearing reveals the real person behind the mask.

Sapphire also had been said to help make a connection to your higher self. This can bring peace, help clear your mind, help you lead other people, give you good memory, provide strong motivation, and help build a disciplined character.
The sapphire is the precious stone of Apollo, the Greek God of prophecy and predictions. Also priests used the sapphire to predict the future. The mysterious sapphire comes in many colours, but the dark velvet- to violetblue one is the most valuable. The sapphire stands for truth, purity and honesty. The gemstone would reduce fevers, eye problems, hearing problems and rheumatism. It is also being said that the sapphire would give power to resist temptations and remove unpure thoughts.

Category Oxide Mineral
Chemical Formula Al2O3
Crystal system Trigonal
Color Typically blue
Hardness 9
Luster Vitreous
Streak White
Specific gravity 3.95 to 4.03

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